About Me

To be completely honest, I am just a girl who likes writing and has way too much of an opinion about things.

Despite this, I currently study advertising at university, perhaps the only course that allows you to come up with new ideas rather than carefully tracing curriculum criteria to near perfection. Not to mention, actually being allowed to reference websites like Buzzfeed and Facebook in your essays is actually pretty cool.

I’ve grown up in Sydney my whole life, suffocating under the crippling pressure that if I ever want to buy a house I will probably have to sell my soul on the black market. But I’ve got to admit, I love to call it my home. There’s just something different about the way of life here that makes it a spectacular place to live.

But down to why I’m deciding to place all these random thoughts on a blog…

I’ve found over my short 19 years on this planet that I don’t have many specific interests, rather, I’m interested in almost anything, be it reading, gaming, sport, adventuring, the newest anime or the ‘hottest pants for the winter’ and from this, I’ve discovered that I’m always game for trying new things, as strange as they may be. I guess I finally just convinced myself to post my brutally honest opinions on the internet for others to share. So here I am.

I don’t aim to please everyone, in all honesty, I aim to be as true to myself as I can be. But I hope that my satirical and sarcastic remarks please you as much at they do myself.

And don’t be shy- I love recommendations.